Pioneers in Organic Spirulina Extraction

For millennia the Earth has nourished us with food and ingredients for our health and wellness. Since the turn of the century, we’ve moved away from these natural sources. Our aim is to explore these ingredients once more, starting with Spirulina.

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Global safety & Quality standards

Traceable Spirulina Extract From An Organic Source

We source our Spirulina extract from an organic production facility, nurtured by experts with over two decades of experience. Our certified organic spirulina is rich in phycocyanin content along with clean and sophisticated extraction technology makes way for a fine spirulina extract. We use a sophisticated extraction technology that makes way for a spirulina extract, compatible with most applications.

Explore Our Versatile Spirulina Blue

Are you on the lookout for a natural blue color that is bound to make your brand and it’s products stand out? We bring you a water-soluble powder from the microalgae Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis), known to be one of the richest sources of natural blue pigment in the world.

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Nutraceutical Applications for Spirulina Extract

Recent studies indicate that spirulina brings numerous benefits to nutraceutical applications. Explore the possibility of taking your product to the next level with our 100% organic extract.

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First organic certified spirulina extract for a wide range of applications in food and wellness

Sourced from an organic microalgae cultivation, nurtured and cared for by experts with over 20 years of experience

Sophisticated and clean extraction technology that retains the goodness of the natural product and enhances the brilliant hue of the natural blue colour

Algavista is a joint venture between Synthite Industries, a world leader in extraction technology and Parry Nutraceuticals, pioneers in organic microalgae cultivation. Made from 100% natural and certified Organic Spirulina - our Phycocyanin is free from artificial flavors, allergens, and harmful chemicals.

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