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We are leaders in clean extraction and pioneers in micro-algae cultivation. By crafting optimal processes in terms of performance, product safety, and environmental concerns, we guarantee an Organic product of unparalleled quality.

Our certified spirulina extract, rich in phycocyanin, is a viable alternative for companies considering a transition from synthetic food dyes like the ‘Brilliant Blue’ (FD&C Blue #1). It is also possible to generate gradients of green by combining our product with other natural pigments such as curcumin (turmeric).


Parry is a pioneer in organic micro-algae cultivation for two decades. Parry Organic Spirulina is world renowned for its purity and high Phycocyanin content. Authentic organic Spirulina is cultivated in a remote, pristine and pollution free environment in Chettinad, Tamil Nadu.

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A New Horizon For Food, Health & Wellness

Experience the benefits of organic spirulina extract for your product, only with Algavista. We promise consistent value, reliable supply, and quality.


Synthite is a world leader in extraction technology and the largest producer of value-added spices, oleoresins, and essential oils. With over 30% global market share, Synthite specializes in natural extracts for various applications like organic flavoring, nutraceuticals, and natural food colours.

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